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Sydnor on Remembering the Holocaust

On Tuesday, August 12, 2014, I spoke to the Holicky – Sitter US Marine Corps Veterans Group of Richmond.  The topic I addressed for the Marine Corps veterans was the work and mission of the Virginia Holocaust Museum, and the critical role the Museum will play in transforming memories of the Holocaust into the history of the Holocaust as it will be known and remembered through the coming generations.

Perpetrators Traveling Exhibit

The Virginia Holocaust Museum is proud to announce the opening of Perpetrators, a traveling exhibition from the Florida Holocaust Museum. Forty original prints by artist Sid Chafetz depict the involvement of those who implemented and executed the Nazi's heinous schemes. The artist urges the audience to acknowledge the boundaries of individual responsibility and personal accountability. 

Real Inglorious Bastards Screening

This Saturday August 9th, the Museum will be hosting a screening of the documentary film, The Real Inglorious Bastards.  The film recounts the experiences of three daring men who were trained by the U.S. Government’s Office of Strategic Services to carry out an undercover mission in Europe during World War II; this mission became known as "Operation Greenup."  

VAM Top 10

Artifacts are the heart of any museum. Without artifacts, we would have a difficult time telling the story of the Holocaust.  With this in mind, collections care and preservation are essential functions of the museum and its staff.  It is our hope that our collection will survive to tell the story of the Holocaust for generations to come.  

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