Holocaust Oral Histories

The Virginia Holocaust Museum has an extensive collection of testimony from survivors of the Holocaust as well as soldiers who participated in the liberation of concentration camps.  Each narrative contains different themes based on the experiences of the individual; you will notice that we have provided a list of keywords that frequently refer to concentration camps, ghettos, or major cities.  

Note: This is not a complete list of our oral history collection.  This finding aid is being updated regularly as we continue to index the oral histories.
Name Type Keywords Transcript
Althaus, S. Camp, Escape Birkenau, Gross-Rosen, Dachau ***
Archer, R. Hiding Belgium ***
Baer, T. Refugee Berlin, Germany ***
Biron, D. Ghetto, Hiding Kovno, Lithuania ***
Brodt, H. Ghetto, Camp Boryslaw, Plaszow, Mauthousen, Melk, Ebensee ***
Daniels, C. Ghetto, Camp, Escape Kisvarda, Auschwitz, Dachau ***
Heller, R. Ghetto Budapest ***
Herrick, A. Liberator Buchenwald ***
Ipson, E.* Ghetto, Hiding Kovno ***
Ipson, I.* Ghetto, Hiding Kovno ***
Ipson, J.* Ghetto, Hiding Kovno ***
Kaplan, R. Hiding, Camp, Escape Auschwitz ***
Kizhnerman, R. Hiding Rovno ***
Koller, I. Hiding Uzbekistan ***
Landecker, G. Camp Buchenwald ***
Lehman, T. Ghetto, Camp, Escape Wartenau, Auschwtiz, Funfteichen, Gross Rosen, Hurtzbruck ***
Librescu, M. Ghetto, Hiding Focsani ***
Lipman, S. Resistance France ***
Marek, M. Camp, Escape Auschwitz-Birkenau ***
Meth, H.. Camp Sobokrij ***
Modley, E. Hiding Hungary ***
Moss, H. Ghetto, Camp Lowicz, Kelsa, Sachsenhausen ***
Nunnally, F. Refugee Vienna ***
Pekar, F. Ghetto Pomieczyno ***
Rauch, M. Refugee France ***
Rose, F. Camp, Escape Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Catavitze, Gleiwitz, Jakuswelder, Blechhammer ***
Shatz, F. Camp, Resistance Hungary ***
Shneyder, Y. Ghetto, Resistance Minsk ***
SKylut, M. Ghetto, Camp, Resistance Volozhin, Krasnlye ***
Spanier, E. Camp Buchenwald ***
Stahl, I. Refugee Fuerth ***
Thompson, E. Resistance Samsoe Island (Denmark) ***
Toth, J. Ghetto Budapest ***
Weiner, S. Ghetto, Hiding Rovno (Ukraine) ***
Windmueller, I. Refugee Beckum (Germany) ***
Young, V. Camp Saarbrucken ***
Zimm, H. Hiding Warsaw ***

* Designates a United States Holocaust Memorial Museum recording