Liberator Oral Histories

The Virginia Holocaust Museum has an extensive collection of testimony from soldiers who liberated camps at the end of the Holocaust while serving with the United States military.  Each narrative contains different themes based on the experiences of the individual; you will find the following testimony "types" in this collection:

  • Liberator = was part of a military unit that "liberated" a concentration camp
  • POW = military person who was captured and spent time in a POW camp
Note: This is not a complete list of our oral history collection.  This finding aid is being updated regularly as we continue to index the oral histories.
Name Type Keywords Transcript
Beverly, A. Liberator Dachau Yes
Booth, C. Liberator Dachau Yes
Bryant, J. Liberator Woebbelin ***
Fitchett, B. Liberator Ohrdruf ***
Herrick, A. Liberator Buchenwald ***
Kotlyar, L. POW Bergen-Belson, Alten-Grabow, Politz ***
Lawless, J. Liberator Buchenwald ***
McGuire, C. Liberator Neuemgamme ***
Michaels, J. POW Stalag 9-B, Bergen-Belson ***
Oxendine, J. Liberator Buchenwald, Wobbelin ***
Pettus, J. Liberator Dachau ***
Puryear, R. Liberator Buchenwald ***
Roberts, I. POW Germany ***
Rodericks, G. Liberator Dachau ***
Roesell, A. Liberator Buchenwald, Dachau ***
Rosenfeld, H. Liberator Dachau ***
Rosenthal, E. Liberator Limburg (Germany) ***
Webber, B.. Liberator Mauthausen ***
Wickstead, J. Liberator Buchenwald, Langenstein-Zweiberge ***