Lost and Found

The Virginia Holocaust Museum maintains a lost and found service within the museum as a public service for its patrons.  Anyone that has lost property on museum grounds can receive assistance in attempting to locate the item from museum staff during regular business hours on the date of the loss.

Any visitor to the museum that doesn’t miss a lost item until they have left the grounds can receive assistance in one of two ways:

    1. They can contact the museum Department of Safety & Security at 804-257-5400 ext. 250 and provide a detailed description of the item along with the approximate time and date of the loss.
    2. An on-line Lost Property Form can be completed with the above referenced information. If the item has been turned in or can be located, you will be notified at the personal contact means you provided on the form.

The VHM will keep inexpensive articles of clothing and other inexpensive items for a period of 90 days. If not claimed within that time, the articles will be donated to a non-profit agency within our service area that provides assistance to the homeless population.

Any articles of apparent value such as cell phones, laptops, other electronics and jewelry will be kept for 180 days. If not claimed within that time the museum may dispose of the item by donation to a non-profit agency or any other means as provided by law.