Penny Campaign

The Virginia Holocaust Museum began its Penny Campaign in 1999 to honor the 6 million Jews whose lives were taken during the Holocaust. Conceived by Richmonder Penny CampaignRachel Rosenbaum, then a high school senior, the campaign was designed to create a visual representation of the sheer number of lives taken during the Holocaust. 

As of March 2014, schools have donated 3.9 million pennies to the Museum.  The current top supporters are:

  • Meadowbrook High School (114,417) 
  • Elko Middle School (100,000)
  • Elizabeth Davis Middle (98,483)
  • Churchland High School (75,000)
  • New Kent County High School (75,000)
  • John Rolfe Middle School (70,000)
  • Alta Vista High School (56,689)
  • James River high School (47,697)
  • Manchester Middle School (46,044)
  • Robious Middle School (41,900)

To learn more about how your school or organization can contribute to the campaign, please contact Matt Simpson.