Perpetrators Traveling Exhibit

The Virginia Holocaust Museum is proud to announce the opening of Perpetrators, a traveling exhibition from the Florida Holocaust Museum. Forty original prints by artist Sid Chafetz depict the involvement of those who implemented and executed the Nazi's heinous schemes. The artist urges the audience to acknowledge the boundaries of individual responsibility and personal accountability. 

In the artist’s statement, Chafetz says, "Rather than depicting victims, I decided to portray the people who made Hitler possible. I began to focus mainly on a representative group of men who helped Hitler to power and implemented his policies. These "perpetrators" came from every facet of life: law, education, the military, industry, finance, medicine, religion, science, journalism and art.  They were mainly men of position and education."

According to the artist, “Perpetrators has two functions. The first is an art exhibition; the second as a catalyst for public programs on the terrible period in world history.  It is my hope to provoke the audience to think critically about the present by remembering a past when a single tyrant was joined by a cadre of men in perpetrating evil across the world.”

The traveling exhibition will be on display at the Virginia Holocaust Museum through October 31, 2014.