Real Inglorious Bastards Screening

This Saturday August 9th, the Museum will be hosting a screening of the documentary film, The Real Inglorious Bastards.  The film recounts the experiences of three daring men who were trained by the U.S. Government’s Office of Strategic Services to carry out an undercover mission in Europe during World War II; this mission became known as "Operation Greenup."  

Hans Wijnberg and Fred Mayer were two Jewish teenagers that fled Europe prior to the onset of World War II.  While in the United States both men decided to join the army and became friends after being recruited by the Office of Strategic Services.  After boot camp, Hans and Fred were sent on a secret mission (Operation Greenup) in the Austrian state of Tyrol. These three brave were aware of the near suicidal nature of this mission, and did not believe that they would return home alive. 


The objectives of Operation Greenup were to observe the Brenner Pass (a supply route from Germany to Italy) as well as to gather information about Franz Hoffer (a Nazi party leader for the Tyrol region) and a Nazi "stronghold" in the Austrian Alps. In order for Hans and Fred to be successful in gaining this information they needed a man on the inside, and that is where Franz Weber enters the story. Franz was a native of Tyrol but was also a deserter of the Austrian Wehrmacht. An officer, Franz left the Austrian military out of good conscience.  With Franz the trio for the Operation was complete and the men could now gather information from the Nazi’s in the hopes of helping to bring an end to the war by thwarting Germany’s progress in the region.

What happens next? You’ll have to find out for yourself!  Not only is The Real Inglorious Bastards, a fascinating historical account of a lesser known World War II story but it also shows the impact that individuals had on this part of history, as well as examines the complexities of human behavior. The Real Inglorious Bastards will be shown at noon and 2pm and has a running time of approximately fifty minutes. This event is free and open to the public.  We hope to see you there!  

-- Megan Ferenczy