Remembering Henry Moss

We are sad to announce the passing of local Holocaust survivor Henry Moss.  Born in Stopnica, Poland in 1920, Moss and his family moved to Lodz when he was a child where they ran a sweater factory.  

After the German’s invaded Poland, the family was forced into the Lodz ghetto.  He would eventually spend time in two other ghettos before being transported to Sachsenhausen where he was eventually liberated.  He would lose his parents during these years but his sister and brother-in-law survived.   

He came to the United States in 1950 where a Jewish aid agency helped him settle in Richmond.  It was through this agency that Moss was contacted by a textile manufacturer in Charlotte, NC where he worked for a short time before moving back to Richmond and taking a job in a department store.  His sister and brother-in-law moved to Uruguay initially but he would later act as a sponsor for their family, enabling them to move to the United States.   

Henry was a shy and kind personality who will be greatly missed.